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  • "Triple Ways to Take: The Evolution and Meaning of the Supreme Court’s Three Regulatory Taking Standards,” 71 Temple Law Review 243 (1998).  Quoted by the Supreme Court of Florida in Keshbro, Inc. v. City of Miami, 801 So.2d 864, 870 fn.10 (2001).

  • "Liability for Irresponsible Sales of Controlled Products: An Analysis of Macias v. California,” 31 University of San Francisco Law Review 85 (1996)


Articles in Los Angeles Daily Journal & San Francisco Daily Journal


  • Supplementation of Administrative Hearing Records.

  • Supreme Court Clarifies “Regrettably Imprecise” Takings Doctrine.

  • Supreme Court to Decide Critical Takings Issue.

  • Recent Cases Involving Profession Discipline of Physicians.

  • Examining the State of Mind of Administrative Adjudicators.

  • Evaluating Due Process Requirements in Novel Situations.

  • Recent Cases Examining Prosecutorial Immunity.

  • Sovereign Immunity and Consent to Federal Adjudication.

  • Ninth Circuit Reinterprets the Doctrine of Qualified Immunity.

  • Recent Administrative Mandamus Cases on Hearing Procedures.

  • Recent Ninth Circuit Decisions Concerning Bias of Hearing Officers.

  • Ninth Circuit Resolves Difficult Preemption Issues.

  • Recent Decisions Involving the Collateral Order Doctrine.

  • Recent Eleventh Amendment Decisions.

  • Court of Appeal Criticizes Immunity for Police Chases.

  • Ninth Circuit Discards Heightened Pleading Standard.

  • Supreme Court Reinterprets California’s Judicial Powers Clause.

  • Survey of Recent Immunity Decisions.

  • California Supreme Court Clarifies Standards for Challenging Hearing Officers on Grounds of Bias.

  • Recent Ninth Circuit Abstention Decisions.

  • Review of Administrative Findings of Fact.

  • Supreme Court Revisits Application of Judicial Deference to Administrative Rulings.

  • The “Arm of the State” Doctrine.

  • Recent Decisions Involving Qualified Immunity.

  • Supreme Court Annuls Limitation on Indigent Suits.

  • Supreme Court May Clarify Controversial Takings Issue.

  • California Supreme Court to Decide Bias Standards for Hearing Officers.

  • The Death Penalty and the INS.

  • Administrative Efforts to Regulate Tobacco Use.

  • Recent Warrantless Inspection Cases.

  • Deferential and Independent Standards of Review.

  • The Duty of “Rectangular Rectitude."

  • Recent Cases Involving Regulatory Takings.

  • Development of Hearing Procedures from 1970 to 1979.

  • Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in California.

  • Challenging and Enforcing Professional Standards.

  • Recent Professional Discipline Cases.

  • Procedural Issues in Recent License Revocation Cases.

  • Judicial Evaluation of Administrative Legal Positions and Policies.

  • Inquisitorial Hearings.

  • Predetermination Hearing Rights of Government Employees.

  • Recent Developments in Personal Immunity Defenses.

  • Expanding the Scope of Professional Discipline.

  • Recent Developments in Exemptions Under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Suits Against Private Defendants Under 42 U.S.C.

  • Administrative Prosecution and Double Jeopardy.

  • Rulemaking and Adjudication.

  • Familiarity of Decisionmakers with Administrative Records.

  • Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies.

  • Delegation of Legislative Authority to Administrative Agencies.

  • Warrantless Administrative Inspections.

  • Admissibility and Sufficiency of Evidence at Administrative Hearings.

  • Regulation and Collective Action: The Commons and the Prisoner.

  • New Developments in Municipal Liability Under 42 U.S.C.

  • Problems in Risk Assessment.

  • Regulatory Agencies and Scientific Uncertainty.

  • Judicial Review of Evidentiary Determinations by Administrative Agencies.

  • Judicial Review of Administrative Penalties II: Applying Theory to Practice.

  • Standards for Judicial Review of Administrative Penalties.

  • Administrative Law Judges and the Appearance of Bias.

  • Liability For Non-Compliance With General Regulatory Goals.

  • Predetermination Hearings and Summary Abatement.

  • Avoiding Abstention in Federal Actions Against Administrative Agencies.

  • Immunity of State Agencies and Officials in Federal Court.




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